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BDSM Hall Free picture Base presents tits gallery with Piercing of breasts. There are several techniques of play piercing. The main difference between them - in the amount of skin layers involved in the piercing. It is wrong that the needle tip during puncture must go outside of the body. There are techniques where the needle is completely under the skin. But in this case the needle should not be in the human body more than 12-15 minutes to avoid the formation of hematomas. Most often this technique is used on the female breast. In no case will not be touched the mammary gland. This is sadomasochism photo content with needleplay play and piercing play pictures. tits play is becoming more popular. Many couples in one way or another practice needleplay or piercing play in their private life. masochism actions are now much more acceptable, old prejudices influence weakens. The basis of the tits pain play success is passion and uninhibited of needleplay bizarre partners, which undoubtedly will bring a lot of colorful, unforgettable extreme experiences during piercing pricking play

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