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Free BDSM Hall picture Base presents torture gallery with Medieval scenes of witches torture. People accused mostly women in witchcraft in the Middle Ages. After all, in the Christian world, where men dominated, women were regarded as inferior beings: weak, windy, incorrect, vain, talkative, and avid to any temptation, making them fair victim of Devil. Modern man is difficult to understand exactly what happened many years ago in Europe! And it's not just about violence, not that every resident of the medieval dozens of times in their life was watching scenes of inhumanity executions with a slow winding guts, his head smashed, tearing people to pieces, etc. And the fact that these executions were doing on purpose so spectacular and bloody. This is photo content with shackles and group play pictures. Pleasure comes for the dominant from creating the torture scenario and shackles acting. You can determine the group fate of submissive at least within pain limits. You are both torture waxplay screenwriter, shackles interrogation director and group inquisition producer. You build pain waxplay fantasy world and make it real

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