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Free BDSM Hall picture Base presents amateur gallery with Painful electro torture. I love electro torture. Tens unit... one pad on each side. The current passes through the clit and if you have a four lead unit like I do, you can also insert a finger to get the g-spot or put it on a metal toy to insert. I do have a tens and I do not claim to be an expert. But the clamps should both be put on the same nipple on either side. The principle is you want to dictate the currents path. Sometimes the current goes deeper than you want and its doesn't take much electric charge to disrupt the hearts rhythm. Hence the illustration is bad and gives the wrong impression you should not put electrodes on opposite nipples as you are dictating that the current go across the chest area and like I said sometimes it wants to go deep. This is sadomasochism photo content with electricity and masochism play pictures. During the amateur or electricity play it should be borne in mind that the pain threshold of humans is different, and the component of the masochism play pleasures is also different. Rapid and unpredictable pain from amateur bizarre can reduce sexual arousal or even reduce to zero the whole electricity devices play. It is important to agree on the rules of masochism play, who wants to understand, because find it out during amateur play it is not appropriate

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