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Free BDSM Hall picture Base presents masochism gallery with Marks and bruises after whipping. I like when my body left bruises, marks, wounds after BDSM session. I especially like marks after whipping. I never treated the bruises after the session so they are very long to heal. But I like to feel the marks and bruises on my skin under clothes every day. Often, I'm having a whipping re-session when the marks and bruises have not yet healed. You can see such case in the pictures. This is photo content with pain and whipping play pictures. Such masochism or pain practice is extreme enough. Key sources of risk during whipping play, serious physical or emotional harm during masochism bizarre actions are inadequate assessment of the pain extreme masochistic abilities. But this woman never accepts during whipping bruises outdoor play and even seeks to ensure that her body or her mind is not able to withstand

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