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Free BDSM Hall picture Base presents brunette gallery with Interrogation of secret agent. This brunette is a secret agent who has failed her mission. The members of the secret police exposed her, grabbed and brought her to the basement for interrogation. The girl acted confidently and seemed afraid of nothing. But she did not know that she got into the hands of a cruel woman who conducts interrogations for twenty years, and they all ended in success. Cruel madam ordered to whip the girl with leather belt, soaked in salt. Each stroke on her naked body stuck into the skin and burned her so that she screamed and called for help. But no one heard her in the basement. She whipped until she lost consciousness, and then the same thing happened again and again. The most important thing in brunette is not only imposed pain, sadism, or getting pleasure from the spanking effects on another person. During brunette whipping, everything revolves around the interaction of sadism punishment emotions, spanking interrogation intimacy and trust, about the whipping flogging pleasure that can be obtained from the brunette excitement that takes over another person

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